• Patric Bernheim

    Patric Bernheim

    It was after watching my children get bored in a restaurant that I had the idea to develop the Kim & Teo kits !
    I had taken  my two daughters out for ‘gouter’ afternoon tea and after just 5 minutes they began running all over the place... and I said to myself: oh if only they could colour some pictures while we wait for the cakes !

    The story of Kim & Teo grew from that very moment spent with my children !

    The rest is described on the website, on the Facebook page and the testimonials on Youtube ...

    I am sure that many parents have experienced these stressful moments when their children have too much energy but there’s nothing to distract them !!!!!

  • Florian Hossfeld

    Florian Hossfeld

    A photographer and videographer by profession, Florian Hossfeld has experience in many aspects of the trade working for cinema, fashion and in events for various companies and associations.

    Florian will take special care to conceptualize the development of your project to provide high-quality images and reports.

  • Isabelle Thomas

    Isabelle Thomas

    Isabelle Thomas began her career in press within magazine publishing and in the management of GIE Perles of Tahiti at Europa Star in 1996. In 1999, she decided to set up on her own and joined the specialized issues International Hour and A World of Dreams until 2006 (2010 for Dreams as Swiss correspondent).

    At the same time, she worked in press relations for watch companies: DMC Consulting (2001-2002), Jean-Mairet & Gillman watches from 2004 to 2006.
    She also handled the press relations (part-time) of Franc Vila from 2006 to the end of December 2014.

    She also worked for the brand Peter Tanisman Geneva for 2 years and for Blacksand from April 2012 to July 2014 as well as for the Mouawad watches from the beginning of 2013.

    Isabelle has always worked for several brands at the same time, which has enabled her to build important Swiss and international media relations over the last twenty years.

    Today in charge of communication for Snyper Watches, she is delighted to introduce this new timepiece to the international press.

  • Dorota-Michaluk.jpg

    Dorota Michaluk

    Graphic artist, painter and photographer, Dorota graduated from the Beaux Arts in Warsaw.

    Dorota actively participated in the development of the artwork for Kim & Teo and actively contributed to all paper and web publishing projects.

    Her sense of aesthetics, focus and style guarantee the quality of Kim & Teo productions.