10th  April 2015  Elle magazine, Switzerland

The adventures of Kim & Teo
In 2014 the Swiss illustrator Leha van Kommer and Patric Bernheim,  father of a Geneva-based family, launched the adventures of Kim & Teo. The idea? Colouring packs handed out to families in restaurants so children can colour the adventures of the two characters.  Success is in the making and Kim & Teo are now the heroes of mini stories where they discover the world. Find out more in Elle Switzerland magazine.

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27th November 2014   Geneva Tribune

A father is handing out drawing kits in restaurants
Every month Patric Bernheim gives 1000 ‘packs’ to twenty Geneva establishments to occupy children when they are waiting in restaurants.

Kim & Teo are fast becoming the best friends of waiters, restaurant owners and parents everywhere. These two characters are the heroes of colouring pages based on adventures around Geneva, which are handed out freely in about twenty restaurants.
The brains behind the idea is Patric Bernheim, father of a Geneva family, who founded a company specialised in making games.
“In restaurants, children often start to get bored and disruptive after a few minutes and I thought it was a shame that they didn’t have colouring pages on offer to keep them busy,” says Patric Bernheim. “so I decided to create something myself and offer it to restaurants!”

His ‘packs’ contain an illustration to colour in, felt tip pens, as well as flyers with information on family activities and useful advice such as a brochure on video game use. “Restaurants offer the pack to families once they arrive. The children are delighted, as are the parents and the waiters!” explains Isabelle Thomas, who is responsible for the marketing of the project.
The project started this summer.  “I didn’t want to make something commercial -  it was important that the packs would be free” states the family-man, “and so I financed the first 100 sample kits myself.  The feedback was positive so I started looking for sponsors in the field of education and childhood to produce more packs.”

Today around fifteen associations and foundations support the project and there are around twenty partner restaurants within Geneva, such as Pain Quotidien, Chez Ma Cousine, le Café du Soleil, as well as various tea-rooms and pizzerias. These businesses receive between thirty to fifty kits each per month.

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